Facebook to end their ad discrimination practices, sort of-they still support age discrimination in job ads

Facebook will be legally required to end its practice of allowing businesses to block certain groups like blacks, gays and immigrants from viewing ads under an agreement reached with the Washington State Attorney General’s Office.

Source: Facebook makes deal with Washington AG to halt discriminatory ads | The Columbian

The agreement DOES NOT address the use of FB to target job ads based on age, thereby legally discriminating against older workers by ensuring older workers never see job ads. Major employers have been using this feature for quite a while.

Just one month ago, Facebook defended these practices:

“Like other major ad platforms, we enable targeting based on age and gender”

Now, their VP says:

“Discriminatory advertising has no place on our platform, and we’ll continue to improve our ad products so they’re relevant, effective, and safe for everyone.”

What a lie. They will continue to permit discrimination in job advertising on the basis of age. (A little more on this topic added in a follow up post).

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