Media announces “fact free” reporting initiative

Media announces “fact free” reporting initiative

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Tiny couple lives in 8 square foot trailer:

The couple, both 30 at the time, decided to trade in their three-bedroom San Francisco home to take up residence in an 8-square-foot TAB Teardrop camper.

Source: As millennials embrace RVs, next wave of travel trailers go hip |

The actual dimensions of the queen size bed inside are 31 square feet. Guess it’s like a Doctor WHO Tardis, bigger on the inside?

Newsweek says Virgin Galactic space plane now travels at twice the speed of light – wow:

“Correction: The headline has been changed to reflect the fact the Virgin Galactic spaceplane flew at twice the speed of sound, not the twice speed of light as previously stated.””

More from “Newsweek”:  this story written by highly creative writer Janice Williams, where almost everything in the lead is wrong.

  • Per Wikipedia, Stephen Austin died in 1836 yet Newsweek says he founded the City of Austin 3 years after he died. Amazing guy!
  • Texas was part of Mexico until 1836, after which it was an independent republic until joining the US in 1845.
  • Newsweek says that 24 years after Austin’s death, he became a leader of a Confederacy that was founded in 1861!
  • William Barton is another Confederate leader, per Newsweek. Except he died in 1840, 21 years before the Confederacy was established.

Newsweek based their creative story telling on an original report in the Austin Statesman. The latter reported the story correctly; Newsweek’s reporters and editors lack even elementary school reading ability.

Newsweek is a fictional story service that pretends to report on the news – their journalistic and business failures are self inflicted, says Salon.

Yet they wonder why people call them “fake news” when their reporters and editors act like bumbling fools with the talent of middle school writers.

The way to respond to accusations of fictional news reporting is to double down on accuracy, objectivity and remaining calm. Unfortunately, the news industry continues to harm itself through self destructive behavior typical of middle school drama. This behavior is bewildering.

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