Fake comments too? How everything is fake on the Internet

Fake comments too? How everything is fake on the Internet

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This blog has commented in the past on the problem of fake reviews all over the Internet. Fake reviews are used to make a product sound better or sometimes to make a competitor’s product sound awful. It is difficult to rely on Amazon product reviews, for example, because for many products, an overwhelming number of reviews are fake. Web sites like fakespot.com help people identify products that are flooded with fake reviews.

I rarely look at YouTube comments but just looked at comments on a video by a prominent YouTube reviewer. It looked like almost all of the comments were bogus – literally posting a few words of near nonsense that added nothing to the discussion. Seems they are trying to get visibility for themselves in hopes that a few people will click on their YouTube ID and then pick up more views or subscribers. A few comments even ask the reader to check out their channel.

The high prevalence of fake stuff on the Internet is turning the Internet in to something far less than what we all envisioned 10 or 20 years ago.
Today, the primary business model of the Internet is surveillance for the purpose of producing targeted advertising to get you to buy something or adopt someone else’s agenda.

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