Did Vox advocate censoring social media? No.

Did Vox advocate censoring social media? No.

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This propaganda poster is now spreading online.

The original Vox Tweet is here. It contains a link to a video explaining their thinking. They are clear in their video that they are not advocating censoring these individuals. The video concludes with the problems that emerge when speech is censored and the practical problems of policing platforms like YouTube that see 400 hours of new video uploaded every minute.

The Vox video does not encourage censorship.


There is, though, a small problem in the Vox video:  Vox lists only right wing provocateurs, perpetuating the idea that only the right spreads propaganda on social media. Vox does not mention any left wing propagandists. In effect, Vox is delivering its own meta-propaganda message by omitting key information.

This is perplexing as one of the most prolific fake news propaganda purveyors is a left wing, online, social-media based, for profit publishing operation with over 7.4 million followers on Facebook alone. See our series on the false propaganda about Denmark or their propaganda poster that caused me to start this web site (and  more examples on this blog).

Propaganda originates from both the right and the left, and through social media, is widely shared by both the left and the right. Left wing and right wing enthusiasts are each likely to be influenced by propaganda that targets their emotional hot buttons.

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