Advertising is #propaganda too- #Huawei caught faking Nova 3 ad

Advertising is #propaganda too- #Huawei caught faking Nova 3 ad

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Advertising is messaging intended to persuade you to adopt someone’ agenda, specifically, to buy a product or service. Advertising is a subset of propaganda and uses many of the same methods of persuasion, including fakes and lies.

Huawei released a video for their Huawei Nova 3i phone with selfies supposedly shot on the phone.

In fact, the images were shot on a high end DSLR professional camera.

In 2012, Nokia ran an ad with video supposedly shot on their latest phone. The scene involved a young, happy couple bicycling, and the smooth video footage was supposedly recorded on a new Nokia Lumia 920 phone.

However, the professional video gear used to record the scene was reflected in a window and showed a pro camera was inside a van, not on a bicycle.

Nokia apologized for the faked video and revised the ad to say it was a simulation of the phone’s features. Nokia’s phone division later failed and was sold to Microsoft, who shut it down within a couple of years.

We are surrounded by propaganda 24 hours per day. Advertising is just propaganda messaging to which we’ve given a special name: advertising. The ads on TV or the posters in a local fast food restaurant all use methods of propaganda and persuasion to encourage us to buy their products and services. Unfortunately, much advertising uses falsehood and other tricks to engage your quick, emotions-based System-1 thinking style.

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