Left wing launches secret propaganda operation against secret right wing #propaganda operations

Left wing launches secret propaganda operation against secret right wing #propaganda operations

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Saying right wing propaganda and fake news is evil, a left wing group launches a secret propaganda and fake news operation to counter secret right wing propaganda operations.

Read the link below and see the details of how mass propaganda operations are conducted in 2018 with a staff of 81 people.

“…we won’t force information consumers to come to us for a one-size-fits-all piece of content. Instead, we will go to them with content that is tailored to their individualized way of interacting.”

Propaganda used to be messaging targeted at groups with the intent of getting group members to adopt someone’s agenda. Today, propaganda is targeted at individuals through identifying each individuals emotional hooks. Social media makes this possible.

Source: Full David Brock Confidential Memo On Fighting Trump | Trump Family | American Political People

The manifesto is oddly weird in its conspiracy ideation and logical inconsistencies.

After writing that “Journalists who confront the extreme reality of a Trump administration experience personal harassment“, the group then advocates ways to harass journalists under the heading”Media Advocacy – Punish Enabling and Complacency” for journalists that do not adhere to the party line.

And those accused of silencing dissent will themselves be “punished and halted”, which sounds like harassment and silencing dissent.

…social media-fueled harassment campaigns that silence dissent and poison our national discourse will be punished and halted

They will organize a “Massive grassroots truth squad“, which are fake “grassroots” known as “astroturf” when organized by a propaganda group.

This is World War II and Soviet era propaganda operations on steroids. And its scary.

This is just one well funded, large, propaganda operation whose goal is to manipulate the public to adopt their agenda. There are undoubtedly others on both the left and the right that are fighting to manipulate our brains.

What can we do about this? Our best bet is to walk away from social media. The purpose of social media is global surveillance for creating the world’s most effective propaganda and manipulation platforms.

  • Walk away from social media.
  • Avoid volunteering for mind control and manipulation operations.
  • Be skeptical. Learn to think for yourself. Refuse to be manipulated by those in powerful positions.

Social media was once viewed as a way for the little people to counter government, corporate and organization propaganda. Instead, social media devolved into a stronger form of organizational propaganda and manipulation.

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