has moved to a new server has moved to a new server

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The URL now points to

Old web links will still work and display the correct page.

The redirection of has some minor issues but works fine. For some reason, some images on pages viewed via address do not display the images on their pages but display a clickable link to the image (Update – I think I have fixed this).

RSS News Readers – Important!

If you read this blog through an RSS news reader or the WordPress blog reader, you will want to update to the new RSS address: or

Why the change?

  • I have about 10 to 15 times more visitors on this server than on the hosted blog. I assume search engines down rank hosted web sites – or something.
  • Cost. I already have this server so no need to pay twice.
  • By self hosting the web site more features are possible that are not available on


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