Is the “San Bernadino Sheriff under scrutiny” for posting a photo of a deputy praying? No.

Is the “San Bernadino Sheriff under scrutiny” for posting a photo of a deputy praying? No.

The original version of this photo was posted by the Yucaipa Police Department on their Facebook page on May 1st.

According to the Yucaipa Police Department, which posted this photo in May of 2018:

The Twitter account that posted the above meme strongly resembles alleged Russian-based Internet troll farm operation[1] with the odd user name of JesicaS92040623, a profile claiming to be a hard core Trump supporter, and a string of hateful Tweets concerning many topics and groups including Muslims. The account has posted 24 items in the past 24 hours alone. The account was created in August of 2018 and is pulling up old items, like the several month old photo used here, and passing them along as if they are contemporary issues.

Update: Most of the links from the above Twitter account are to fake news web sites (web sites that specialize in writing entirely fictitious news reports, sometimes weakly linked to actual events and which are intended to inflame the emotions of the reader). The account is a troll operation spreading fake news stories intended to incite people. I reported the account several times to Twitter, and of course, the account remains live. Unfortunately, user generated content results in a low signal to noise ratio as troll accounts like this  proliferate on Twitter.

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The San Bernadino Sheriff’s Department is under scrutiny for posting this photo of a deputy praying before his shift. If you support this Deputy and his department’s decision, share this.


[1] Internet trolls exist all over the world including in the U.S. I reference this as “alleged Russian-based” in regards to allegations about the Internet Research Agency, as media hype has created an awareness of such operations. The Twitter account that created this meme could be anyone, anywhere.

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