Creative news writing – “First solo flight” claim is false

Creative news writing – “First solo flight” claim is false

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Note the headline

Source: Student Pilot Lands Plane After Losing Wheel During Takeoff « CBS Boston

and this:

This was Maggie’s first solo flight. As part of her training, she was on her way to Portland, Maine when the wheel broke off. Instructor John Singleton says it was important to keep her calm and to make her feel like this was just a normal flight.

Numerous “news reports” (quotes intentional) referred to her “first solo flight”.

However, that claim is false. Students have made numerous solo flights in preparation for their eventual “solo cross country” flights. Students are required to do 3 substantial cross country flights, flying solo, as part of their training. These come well after the student’s “first solo flight”.

In reality, her first solo flight was a year ago.

Young pilot Maggie Taraska is a remarkable young woman who spoke with poise and confidence at a press conference after this emergency situation. Sure hope she achieves her goal of attending the USAF Academy!

Too bad the reporters were apparently doing their “first solo reporting” and couldn’t get the story straight.

Until I started this blog about propaganda, I had no idea that erroneous news reporting is routine and par for the business. Not even the simplest of facts escape the rampant errors in news reporting. Nothing we read or view in the news can be considered accurate. Keep in mind that I only highlight a subset of the erroneous news reports I see.

Note – I earned a private pilot’s license long ago but am no longer an active pilot. I do remain a member of the Experimental Aircraft Association. I fly model aircraft and quadcopters to satisfy my aviation interests.

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