Center for the Study of Social Media Propaganda

Center for the Study of Social Media Propaganda

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I would probably have more readers if I said this blog was published by the Center for the Study of Social Media Propaganda and called myself the Executive Director!

That translates into an “Appeal to Authority” approach in propaganda messaging.

I have seen other commentators whose backgrounds seemed muddy yet had titles like “Director Policy Analysis” of “Center for Whatever”. Upon looking in to these groups, they turn out to be anywhere from 1 to 6 people writing a blog, like this one. But by using impressive tittles their content appears higher in Internet search results!

Hence, propaganda can influence Internet search results!

May be I will try the above titles and see what happens to readership and search results!

(I have no title and my academic qualifications have nothing to do with sociology or psychology or “communications/public relations” – the fields most commonly associated with propaganda. I have a Masters degree in software engineering, a Masters in Business Administration, and have taken additional graduate course work in computer security and medical informatics, with as many cumulative total post-grad course credits as typical doctorate programs – which I never pursued. But see how titles make the source more authoritative? Appeal to Authority is one of the most common methods used in propaganda messaging.)

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