Fake headline: “Someone just made a floating hovercraft Delorean”

Fake headline: “Someone just made a floating hovercraft Delorean”

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Here’s the fake headline: Someone just made a floating hovercraft Delorean – Esquire Middle East

Actually, Matt built his hovercraft between 2010 and 2012 which is hardly “just made”. “Just” is a word that today’s modern media just uses when they want you to just think that something just happened, even if it was just yesterday or just six years ago! This is just a form of click-bait.

I have a 14 foot hovercraft and to the best of our knowledge, Matt Riese and I were the only people to have our hovercraft at a solar eclipse viewing in the state of Oregon in August 2017, and probably in the nation. He and his hovercraft were near Prineville, Oregon while I was near Forest Grove, Oregon. Because I was further west than Matt, I did observe the eclipse slightly before he did, making us first to observe the 2017 solar eclipse from a hovercraft 🙂

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