“People on social media love to be offended”

“People on social media love to be offended”

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Well put, from Lindsey Stirling:

LS: Here’s the thing: People often shy away from speaking about faith because they’re afraid they’re going to offend someone. But I’ve realized, I offend people all the time by just living. People on social media love to be offended and they love to get upset over things, and I’ve had people throw fits on social media over something as silly as the fact that I changed my hair. … No matter what you do, you’ll probably offend somebody. You can’t turn around without offending somebody these days. So I might as well say things that I actually believe in, things that mean something to me. I’ll take offending someone that way over offending someone about my hair, which is something I really couldn’t care less about. You might as well say something you actually love and believe in.”

Source: Q&A: Lindsey Stirling talks ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and where to find the best food in Utah | Deseret News

I often refer to Portland, Oregon, near where we live, as the culture of perpetual outrage. Any excuse will do for a protest or riot. The same is true for social media 🙂

Earlier this week, I saw someone on Youtube discussing her video comment moderation and noting that reviewing a days worth of comments can readily destroy your faith in humanity.

Social media seems to bring out peculiar emotions and outrage. This does not seem like a healthy activity!

Call this a celebrity endorsement for my propaganda message that social media participants have far too much outrage!

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