Reddit co-founder says we have reached “peak social” media

Reddit co-founder says we have reached “peak social” media

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Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit, has given a warning that the world has reached the “peak social” as days are numbered for big social network sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook which, he says, are near a saturation point. He has reasoned that more and more users are turning to private messaging apps.

“I believe that we’ve hit peak social,” Ohanian was quoted as saying. “We’ve reached the ceiling.”

Source: Are Facebook, WhatsApp running the last lap? Days of social media are numbered, says Reddit co-founder – The Financial Express

In March I wrote that we had hit “peak social media“. People are reducing or abandoning social media usage because it often causes more harm than benefit. Social media has enabled a culture of perpetual outrage – which is an emotional state that takes a toll on our own behavioral health. We cannot maintain a healthy mindset when subjected to 24 x 7 propaganda messaging encouraging a continuous state of emotional upset.

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