Media influences your thinking merely by choosing which stories to run

Media influences your thinking merely by choosing which stories to run

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Last November, 435 Congressional Representatives were elected to Congress. One third of the 100 U.S. Senators were elected to the Senate.

How many Congressional Representatives elected last November can you name?

Initially I had a hard time coming up with just half a dozen!

Besides your own elected Representative, there is one other Representative you can probably name: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

And this is because she receives saturation news coverage. This morning, on one major financial news web site, there are today three separate stories featuring her. Yet no other Representative is mentioned in any of the stories on the main page – not one.

Why has the media chosen to give her saturation coverage? 

While she is the youngest woman elected to Congress, at some point that reason for coverage fades. The media seems to have chosen to promote her and her political ideas over those of others – essentially a media run propaganda operation. Indeed, Google News scan shows continued saturation coverage of Ocasio-Cortez, with numerous news stories published every single day. Other representatives are ignored.

Can someone in the media explain why their coverage is so lopsided to a single Representative?

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