Fake reviews now being written by bad AI software

Fake reviews now being written by bad AI software

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Fakespot rates this item a “D” grade for fake reviews: Fakespot | Trail Camera 16mp 1080p 2 4 Lcd Game Hunting Camera With Fake Review Analysis

Here are some of the reviews “written” for this product – they appeared to have been written by bad artificial intelligence software – or written in another language and run through Google Translate. More than likely, as AI techniques are applied to detect fake reviews, AI software is being used to write fake reviews that evade the AI-based fake review detection systems!

Read these nonsensical reviews:

All social media relies on user generated content. Anyone can produce content which means spammers and those engaging in corruption soon exploit the platforms.

Whether it be fake news on social media, fake product reviews, or using Youtube comments to create a pedophilia ring – all user generated content descends into a chaos of noise trying to manipulate someone. There is no easy solution to this as content sites scale up – a little blog like this one can moderate all comments. But how do you moderate a Youtube video with 9,000 comments posted to it?

Facebook and Google keep promising “artificial intelligence and machine learning” solutions – but so far they do not work well plus they suffer from too many false positives. This problem remains the Achilles Heel of social media.

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