“Facebook targets ads based on race and gender stereotypes: Study”

“Facebook targets ads based on race and gender stereotypes: Study”

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Straight up lying:

“We stand against discrimination in any form,” the spokesperson said. “We’ve announced important changes to our ad targeting tools and know that this is only a first step. We’ve been looking at our ad delivery system and have engaged industry leaders, academics and civil rights experts on this very topic – and we’re exploring more changes.”

Source: Facebook targets ads based on race and gender stereotypes: Study

Facebook’s Congressional testimony:

“Like other major ad platforms, we enable targeting based on age and gender.

In other words, Facebook continues to support age and gender discrimination in advertising, which they were caught doing back in 2017.

  • Verizon targeted showed ads only to those age 25 to 36 years old

  • UPS targeted age 19 to 35

  • State Farm targeted age 19 to 35

Health care employers ran ads based on sex, targeting female nurses (nursing is 90% female) and using ad tactics that may avoid reaching men. Employers can also use social media targeted advertising to intentionally reach – or discriminate against – ethnic and minority groups.

Facebook says age-based job ads are justified and does not plan to stop the practice by employers.

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