Amazon blocked ads with ‘religious content’

Amazon blocked ads with ‘religious content’

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Amazon now says their ban on ads with “religious content” was not intended and employees are undergoing new training:

This person has been selling apparel with Christian and bible messages on them for the last two years. The ads for these products described them as “Christian Fashion Gifts,” and included photos of the items with biblical quotes and religious language on them.

When the seller asked Amazon about the ad suspension, the company said the content of the ads violated its new policy. It also said that ads by other sellers that include similar language about religion would soon get taken down as well.

“The other sellers who are currently advertising religious related Products are doing incorrect practice, which may lead to their account suspension,” Amazon’s rep told the seller in an email last week.

Source: Amazon blocks ads with ‘religious content’

This is what happens when we expect – and permit – global corporations and major publishers to censor at will: collateral damage and mistakes.

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