Everything, everywhere is now a “crisis”

Everything, everywhere is now a “crisis”

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You hear the word “crisis” a lot, if you are paying attention. A search of Google News reveals an enormous number of “crises” underway. The label is now applied to everything. The term “crisis” is the language of propaganda. I will make a future post about some of the “crises” underway and how the use of language – and changes to language – are used to turn news reporting to a propaganda weapon.

While reading some of the links presented by Google, I ran across this one.

I read their “About” page.

That’s a propaganda operation: “… we will spur the revolution in consciousness and inspire the direct action that is necessary to save the planet and humanity”. That is not a legitimate news operation, yet Google News frequently features their articles.

Even the name “Truthout” is typical of propaganda (a la Pravda being Russian for “Truth”).

Learn to be skeptical – learn to recognize when you are the subject of a propaganda operation.

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