Youtube as a platform for propaganda

Youtube as a platform for propaganda

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Researchers looked at Youtube videos found using common search terms for climate change subjects and were surprised to find that a surprising number are basically conspiracy theory-based (e.g. chem trails).

Unexpectedly, the majority of the videos in the sample (107 videos) supports worldviews that are opposing scientific consensus views: 16 videos deny anthropogenic climate change and 91 videos in the sample propagate straightforward conspiracy theories about climate engineering and climate change. Videos supporting the scientific mainstream view received only slightly more views (16,941,949 views in total) than those opposing the mainstream scientific position (16,939,655 views in total). Consequences for the public communication of climate change and climate engineering are discussed in the second part of the article. The research presented in this contribution is particularly interested in finding out more about strategically distorted communications about climate change and climate engineering in online environments and in critically analyzing them.

Source: Frontiers | Science and Environmental Communication on YouTube: Strategically Distorted Communications in Online Videos on Climate Change and Climate Engineering | Communication

What they found – big surprise – is that Youtube is a platform for propaganda.

The researchers believe that Youtube should be sued for “science communication”. Unfortunately, another recent study found that much “science communication” is itself biased. See “Poltiical motives” have become “The major driving force behind most science ommunication”. which some fear “could threaten the credibility of science”

Unfortunately, both amateurs and professionals engage in propaganda messaging – this is messaging that is not intended to merely inform but to persuade you to adopt someone else’s agenda and to take action.

Youtube is no different than Facebook and Twitter – all have become frictionless platforms for propaganda.

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