The cesspool called Twitter

The cesspool called Twitter

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The past week saw 3 well publicized mass shootings in the United States.

Twitter quickly filled with nonsense about the shootings, with tweets from individuals immediately making incorrect assumptions, tweets fostering hate, and tweets doxxing innocent individuals. I also saw nonsense similar to that originating from Russian bot operations, intended to foster disarray and outrage among the population.

The noise level on Twitter greatly exceeds the signal.

I was sufficiently disgusted by what I saw on Twitter that I stopped logging in this past weekend. I have no idea when or if I will return.

Sadly, user generated content platforms have all become overrun with meanness, falsehoods and outrage (often misdirected). This is not good for anyone’s mental health.

Twitter, like much social media, has devolved into anarchy. Artificial intelligence cannot fix this.

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