reorganizes itself into a parody of satire web sites reorganizes itself into a parody of satire web sites

Spread the love, a self described “fact checking” web site, has been fact checking parody and satirical web site The Babylon Bee, whose own web site proclaims itself as “Fake news you can trust”.

In this piece, they reproduce a press release about an academic study whose authors suggest all satire should be labeled because many are clueless:

But now more than ever, Americans are worried about their ability to distinguish between what’s true and what isn’t and think made-up news is a significant problem facing the country.


Satirical articles like those found on The Babylon Bee frequently showed up in our survey. In fact, stories published by The Bee were among the most shared factually inaccurate content in almost every survey we conducted.

Source: Study: Too Many People Think Satirical News Is Real


This suggests that clearly labeling satirical content as satire can help social media users navigate a complex and sometimes confusing news environment.

<satire>We need an HTML <satire> tag for web sites.</satire>

Was this an actual “fact check” from or has Snopes become a satire web site?


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