Yet another bogus Facebook group seeking online shares

Yet another bogus Facebook group seeking online shares

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Shared by a bogus Fakebook group named We Love Animals. Knew this was fake because I remembered seeing this photo two years ago!

“K-9 Nicky was killed in the line of duty” is false.

  • This was in 2017.
  • The dog is actually a male, named Hunter, and not a female named Nicky.
  • The dog died of liver cancer, and was not killed in the line of duty.

The story was covered by many media outlets in 2017.

The Fakebook group We Love Animals is a bogus web page, possibly based in Slovenia, that shares endless heartwarming animal stores with the refrain “Let’s see how many shares we get”.

They also shared this one – “These two fawns were rescued from drowning in flood waters by 16-year old Tyler Domeier”.

Note the plea for viral sharing “How many people will ‘Share’ this?”

This was actually 5 years ago. Tyler is now 21 years old in 2001, a father and a college student in Minnesota.

Both of these fake posts were shared recently on Fakebook, and both posts are fake. I didn’t bother to check any other posts as the first two I checked were bogus.

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