Ex-Twitter CEO: some social media accounts are more equal than others

Ex-Twitter CEO: some social media accounts are more equal than others

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Because when you control the propaganda platform, you control society:

Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo told CNBC on Monday that the social media company should give different sharing permissions to different types of accounts as a way to improve discourse on its platform.

“You have to start treating all these accounts differently,” Costolo said on “Halftime Report.” “You’ve got high authority accounts, like newspaper accounts … that may be allowed to tweet things that a user that just signed up yesterday and has zero followers shouldn’t.”

Source: Ex-Twitter CEO: Social media companies shouldn’t ‘treat every account equally’

(Headline – classical reference to Animal Farm)

Twitter has begun to apply policies differently depending who operates the accounts.

Twitter is primarily for angry, hostile people who are filled with outrage. Which lessens Twitter’s value to most of us anyway.

Here is an idea: Rather than tech CEOs choosing what we see, how about giving users tools to select what they see and don’t see? Right now, Twitter shows a lot I do not want to see, but my only choice is to Unfollow or Mute an account, blocking everything. Twitter already shows us tweets from people we do not follow!

Twitter does not want users to make decisions on content. Because Jack is smarter than all of us and knows better than us what we should see on Twitter!

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