Social media: So long Twitter

Social media: So long Twitter

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For many months I observed Twitter becoming a cesspool of many ignorant people shouting at each other in short bursts known as a tweet. Anger, hostility, bitterness – the outrage culture – are common place on Twitter. It is idiocy run wild.

There is no learning going on, no one’s perspective is changing – people are just becoming more mean spirited and angry.

The noise to signal ratio has mushroomed to where it becomes difficult to find the interesting and useful tweets.

Twitter compounded the problem by “curating” our Twitter stream. Twitter believes  it knows what we want to see in our Twitter stream and therefore, chooses what tweets we see based, supposedly, on how we have interacted with other tweets. A side effect is that I no longer see tweets from a number of people I wanted to follow. The bottom line is that Twitter has become useless.

For the time being, I will still use Twitter when contemporary events occur and for which there is useful crowd sourced information available.

But as to visiting regularly or posting there, I am have moved on. So long Twitter.

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