Factfulness: Wildfire threats are not growing every year

Factfulness: Wildfire threats are not growing every year

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But those changes will take years to implement, and PG&E’s territory is facing wildfire threats that seem to grow every year.

Source: California power outage: Isn’t there an easier way? – SFGate

I saw similar quotes in multiple news stories. Several politicians, wishing to never let a “crisis” go to waste, have made social media statements blaming “climate change” for PG&E shutting off power in areas of Northern California. Their assertions are false but that does not matter when the well established meme is that wildfires are worse every year, even though the official data shows this is not true, including globally.

2019 California wildfires, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection

  • 2019 California State land fire acres burned are over 90% less than in 2019 and about 87% less than the 5 year average.

Nationally, per the National Interagency Fire Center, 2019 acreage burned is about one half the prior year and about one third less than the ten year average.

The media continues to drum beat a meme that wildfires are growing every year. Clearly, they are not.

Reminder: Always remember to practice factfulness – because numerous people are using propaganda messaging to persuade you to adopt someone’s agenda.

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