Journalism: ‘How We Came to Live in “Cursed” Times’

Journalism: ‘How We Came to Live in “Cursed” Times’

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On Twitter, people appear to identify objects and phenomena with “cursed energy” every hour of every day. It’s not just creepy images: the word has acquired new valences, has come to signify increasingly generalized feelings of anxiety and malaise. “The way I use ‘cursed’ has a connotation of being trapped, i.e. a sort of Greek Mythology Ironic Eternal Punishment vibe,” Alex Pareene, a writer for The New Republic, told me. We must be cursed, one would think, to spend so much of our day walking around with our eyes glued to a device that provokes bad feelings.

Source: How We Came to Live in “Cursed” Times | The New Yorker

True, but in typical journalistic fashion the writer ends this essay with two lengthy paragraphs of doom, gloom and negativity. Because, journalism.

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