School privacy: All your life is belong to us

School privacy: All your life is belong to us

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Classical reference to a video game, in the title to this post. Schools are subscribing Gaggle, a Chinese-government like total surveillance program of children in public schools:

Gaggle uses an in-house, AI-powered filtering system to monitor everything that a student produces on their school account associated with Google’s G Suite or Microsoft’s 365 suite of tools. It scans student emails, documents, chats, and calendars, and compares what students write against a “blocked word list,” which contains profanity as well as references to self-harm, violence, bullying, or drugs. ….

The service also runs images uploaded by students through an “Anti-Pornography Scanner” (also proprietary and powered by AI).


Analytics designed to make track of massive troves of student data might seem like useful tools for school administrators. However, critics worry that schools are teaching students to accept sweeping forms of surveillance.

Source: How Gaggle Surveils Every Document, Email, Chat, And Picture That Students Create

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