Journalism: How to turn Thanksgiving into an opportunity for political discussions

Journalism: How to turn Thanksgiving into an opportunity for political discussions

Is this how most people spend their Thanksgiving? Arguing about politics? Or is this just what journalists do?

Source: How to talk about the economy with your family at Thanksgiving – MarketWatch

The text of the story is even worse. Because journalists can find something negative in everything.


Well duh, its just the usual click-bait leveraging (and making) the culture of perpetual outrage. 

As the linked column notes, the idea we all want to argue politics at Thanksgiving family get togethers is a staple of numerous pseudo news outlets.

Liberal, millennial-focused news outlets took a great pride in an us-versus-them narrative, just as conservative outlets demonized the allegedly effete coastal elites. And here’s the thing: it’s profitable. A now-famous (The) Ohio State University study found a decade ago that you likely spend about a third more time with news you agree with. Outrage and anger are more easily sold for profit, so to speak — people are more likely to click on something that seems somehow scary or hyperbolic. All of this leads to more ad impressions.


the idea of Thanksgiving as a Thunderdome for culture clashes is a media creation.

The intent is to train us in to believing that the purpose of holidays is to be enraged at each other. This is a classic example of Daniel Boorstin’s pseudo-events and pseudo-news, created out of thin air, for the purpose of manipulating people.

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Who knew the purpose of Thanksgiving was to engage in propaganda messaging with your family? Journalists actually believe this is the purpose of Thanksgiving.

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