Social media: A tweet that caused a brain seizure

Social media: A tweet that caused a brain seizure

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Guy posts a flashing graphic tweet to the attention of Kurt Eichenwald, causing him to experience a brain seizure and causing long term serious health effects. The tweet included text saying it was intended to cause a seizure. The person who sent the intentionally harmful tweet will plead guilty to aggravated assault. According to news reports, this attack has seen support from neo-Nazis as the perpetrator is a fervent anti-Semite.

Social media is thus weaponized in the traditional sense of a weapon, not just information warfare and propaganda messaging.

Source: A tweet gave a journalist a seizure. His case brings new meaning to the idea of ‘online assault.’ | The Seattle Times

This method of targeting epileptics has since been copied by others and is disgustingly sick.

Eichenwald has reputational issues but no one, under any circumstances should be treated like this with weaponized social media. Absolutely disgusting. Appalling.

Reputational Issues


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