Journalism: Cable news is biased towards “drama and conflict”

Journalism: Cable news is biased towards “drama and conflict”

All part of keeping the cultural of outrage well fed:

Whatever political bias these channels have (and they do have them) is nearly always driven by an even bigger bias: that toward drama and conflict. The constant use of “breaking news” banners to announce often insipid bits of information. “Countdown clocks” to marginal events. Dramatic music, whooshing sounds, bells underneath it all. There are 24 hours to fill, and it’s cheaper to have an endless parade of talking heads — often underqualified pundits and journalists who are supposed to have an opinion on everything.

Source: The real bias in cable news isn’t what you think – MarketWatch

Almost no one watches cable TV news: viewership is just 1% to 2% of the population. The writer was formerly a producer at Fox News and MSNBC and notes that cable TV often leaves you dumber and misinformed.

But enough people watch and share items on social media such that “news” becomes a catalyst for outrage. People who are emotionally on edge are more readily persuaded by advertising messages. The news industrial complex knows this and manufactures emotional click-bait to keep you on edge for the benefit of advertisers.

Whenever a business offers you something for free, it means you are the product and you are being manipulated. Fundamentally, its propaganda messaging.

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