Journalism: CNN settles lawsuit with Nick Sandmann

Journalism: CNN settles lawsuit with Nick Sandmann

CNN and many media outlets falsely reported on a confrontation that occurred in Washington DC in January 2019. The media had the story backwards, reversed from what actually occurred, with many media outlets falsely accusing students of racism.

Today, CNN settles lawsuit with Nick Sandmann

Lawsuits remain pending against the Washington Post, NBC and others and suits may yet be filed against other media outlets.

The journalists appeared to have asserted their own biases into the reporting and made assertions not based on facts. Subsequently, it was learned that their assertions were false yet even after the facts were apparent, some of the media outlets continued to publish or broadcast false information.

This might be called the “Richard Jewell” media moment but they learned nothing last time (or the numerous other situations where the media slimed innocent people – see link for list). Eric Rudolph later pled guilty to the crimes that the media falsely accused Jewell of having committed.

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