Journalism: It’s all 24×7 rage, says former NBC TV Anchor

Journalism: It’s all 24×7 rage, says former NBC TV Anchor

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It’s called the culture of perpetual outrage:

“I think the most extraordinarily powerful tool and the most destructive development in modern life is the current media,” said the author and TV Hall of Famer.

In an interview with Artful Living shared with Secrets, he criticized the dividing nature of media and questioned if it can change.

“Everybody has a voice — and I think it’s great for people to have a voice — but there’s no way to verify what’s true and what’s not. It has no context; it’s just a 24/7 rage about what’s pissing people off across the board from the left to the right,” he told the Minneapolis-based lifestyle magazine.

Source: Brokaw: Today’s media destructive, ‘24/7 rage about what’s pissing people off’

Tom Brokaw is a former NBC television network anchor. He makes several very good observations and comments.

Social media frequently takes its cues from media. Thus, the rage and bitterness that has become common in the media gets amplified by sharing and discussion – or may be just shouting – on social media.

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