Social media: Are fewer and fewer people posting Tweets?

Social media: Are fewer and fewer people posting Tweets?

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I am guessing that users of Twitter are posting less and less often, which creates a problem as there is less new content to be shared with followers.

Consequently, a large portion of my Twitter feed is – today – filled with random posts made by someone who one of my followers, follows. That’s right – tweets from people I don’t follow at all but Twitter randomly decided I must see.

My feed is also filled with numerous “So-and-so-name replied” and “So-and-so-name Liked” Tweets. Their algorithm has gotten so bad that I no longer even see Tweets from most of the people I follow, thus making Twitter’s value less and less each day.

This suggests either that

(1) Not enough people are posting new content, such that our Twitter feeds would be sparse unless filled in by Twitter’s random selection algorithm of content from people we do not follow

(2) Twitter’s algorithms could, by selecting what things we see, gradually influence our views of the world. In other words, algorithmic propaganda messaging.

Some examples today-I do not follow any of these people – Twitter randomly inserts these:


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