Journalism: Newsweek caught making up a story. Again.

Journalism: Newsweek caught making up a story. Again.

Newsweek has quite a history of just making things up. They did it again and have since rewritten the story: Newsweek Changed Its Article About Me. But …

This is in reference to his prior column about Newsweek straight up lying about him:

Last week, Newsweek headlined the following: “Conservative Radio Host Ridicules Anne Frank: ‘I Don’t Get My Wisdom From Teenagers.'”


Well, it turns out the “conservative radio host” was me. Yes, me — a religious Jew who has devoted much of his life to the welfare of the Jewish people, served on the board of the U.S. Holocaust Museum, made the most widely viewed pro-Israel video in the world, written a book on anti-Semitism that is in its third printing, and founded a synagogue and a Jewish day school.

Newsweek is basically a trash  publication now days. Quite a history of crappy fiction.

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