Privacy: We now have 24×7 surveillance of everything we do on or offline

Privacy: We now have 24×7 surveillance of everything we do on or offline

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Your location, your purchases, video and audio from within your home and office, your online searches and every digital wandering, biometric tracking of your face and other body parts, your heart rate and other vital signs, your every communication, recording, and perhaps your deepest thoughts or idlest dreams — in the future, if not already, much of this data and more will be collected and analyzed by some combination of governments and corporations, among them a handful of megacompanies whose powers nearly match those of governments.

Source: We’re sleepwalking into a surveillance state | The Seattle Times

The FAA has proposed new rules for remote identification of quadcopters and model aircraft. Their system would mandate real-time, continuous tracking, once per second, of all model aircraft, even those flown by children inside their own home. Their proposed system demands that every craft log its position in an FAA, third-party run, “Remote ID USS”. Literally, real time surveillance of your children, inside your own home.

Since cheap technology enables real time surveillance of everything, corporations and governments have decided to “collect it all”. I just read another report about Google’s Nest system automatically identifying people who come to your front door and are seen in its cameras.

Corporations intend to use this data to manipulate you into buying products and services. Others will buy the data sets to understand your politics. Law enforcement has used cell phone tracking data to spot people who happen to pass near to someone under surveillance, thereby becoming a suspect.

All this data is being collected because “we can” and if we can, we will figure out a way to use it for something. Privacy no longer exists.

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