Privacy: #Facebook and everyone else know everything about you

Privacy: #Facebook and everyone else know everything about you

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Facebook has rolled out a new feature (under Settings) to let you see your “Off Facebook Activity”. When you use the web, web sites tracking networks are sharing your data with other networks, including Facebook.

As you can see, Facebook knows everything. There is no privacy at all. Here, we can see that Facebook has tracked what I read on my Nook reader, and presumably what online posts I read through Inoreader (I am deleting that app in a moment), what I bought at Albertsons, the trip I researched using Expedia, and the medication prices I looked up at GoodRx, from which they might discern someone’s health status (think I was looking up a medication for a family member).

We now need to assume that every web page we visit, every search we conduct online, every link we click, every item we purchase online – every item we research such as travel information – is being collected and shared by multiple third parties.

My list is probably short compared to most as I normally use browsers and browser add ins to hide my tracks online. These items, however, appear to have come from when I used a generic browser on my Android tablet, versus a desktop PC where I am better protected. The  Albertson’s link, however, appears to be connected to an in store purchase with a “loyalty card”.

Facebook lies to everyone by claiming their business is about connecting you to the people who are most important to you. Bull. Their business is about surveillance for marketing/propaganda purposes.


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