Journalism: Forbes publishes and deletes a fake news item about “Walmart Insulin”

Journalism: Forbes publishes and deletes a fake news item about “Walmart Insulin”

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Today, Forbes ran an article by an ex Pfizer executive, asserting that cheap, generic Walmart insulin (also known as “dead in bed” in the Type 1 diabetic community) can suffice for all diabetics.

Later in the day, Forbes deleted the column, but without any editor’s note explaining the error or why the column was deleted. According to type 1 diabetics, the colunn’s advice has been demonstrated to kill diabetics. This is not the first time idiot reporting and non existent quality assurance has resulted in the media killing people.

Here’s the column’s author’s original post on Twitter:

Later in the day, the link goes to a page not found error on Forbes.

Others pointed out that only a month earlier he was writing that Walmart insulin is not the same as “modern insulin” yet in January, he’s arguing its a fine substitute. The Type 1 diabetics tell me its not a comparable substitute – and in fact, numerous Type 1 diabetics are dying every month because they are unable to afford the purchase of “modern insulin” which has risen over 1200% in price, with no change to the medication.

We are supposed to believe that journalism is professional, cares tremendously about facts and logic, and never has a bias. In this case, the author, a former executive at Pfizer and current “senior partner” at PureTech Health, a biotech company is shilling for the pharma industry.

This fake news column should never have gotten past Forbes editors, but do they even have editors anymore?

This sort of journalistic error happens every single day. Yet journalists are upset that we are upset about being fed garbage every day. How can they be so tone deaf?

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