Celebrities: Prominent celebrities tell us Covid19 only kills “old people” so its all okay

Celebrities: Prominent celebrities tell us Covid19 only kills “old people” so its all okay

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This is a tough one. Do we take our medical advice from WHO, CDC, state and local public health experts or a former child actress with a BA in economics? Or perhaps from professional blowhards with a BA in English?

These are the “celebrity endorsement” model of propaganda, which attempts to transfer their visibility to asserting expertise in subjects they know little about.

Melissa Francis is a new commentator for Fox. Her background is as a child actor and then a BA in economics.

Her comments prompt a question for System 2 type evaluation (fact- and logic-based thinking).

How many people are compromised with underlying health conditions?

Source: Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, citing WHO.

Update: The NY Times crunches the numbers and comes up with a similar conclusion: about half the US is at higher risk.

So how many people may be at higher risk?


  • Percentage of adults diagnosed with diabetes, age 18-44, is 2.7%
  • Those aged 45-64, is 13.7% (Source KFF.org)
  • Combined that is 16.4% of the population under age 60, not including youth with Type 1 diabetes.


  • Those with hypertension, age 18-39, 7.5%
  • Age 40-59, 33.2% (CDC data).
  • Combined that is 40%.


  • Difficult sourcing but possibly 3-4% of women age 18-44, on any given day of the year

Lung issues: Asthma

  • 7-10%, depending on age, up through 64 (CDC data)

Lung issues: COPD (and a variety of chronic lung problems)

  • About 1% of those below age 60 (interpolated from a chart so not a quality number)

Cardiovascular disease

  • 6% of those age 40-59 (American Heart Association)


Those below age 60 with current or recent treatment for cancer, recovering from surgery or other treatments, and those who are immunocompromised – no idea.


  • 22% of the US population is age 60 or higher and 35% are age 50 and higher.

Most seem to agree that age is a critical risk factor. Somewhere between 1 in 4 (age 60+) and 1 in 3 (age 50+) are at higher risk for mortality from Covid-19.

More than half the population under 60 has elevated risk factors for mortality (although this does not seem to appear in the mortality figures provided so far).

The percent of the population at higher risk of mortality is over half the population (note – some individuals may have multiple risk factors so the percentages cannot be just added together).

Celebrities and young, healthy social media influencers think its fine to kill off those who are not healthy.

I am so old, I remember just a week ago when these folks were preaching tolerance and diversity… now they preach killing off the sick and the old.

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