Social media: Untrue post about #Covid19 in Czech Republic

Social media: Untrue post about #Covid19 in Czech Republic

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This appeared on Twitter, and then was quickly shared to Reddit:


It purports that because people in the Czech Republic have made their own masks and allegedly everyone there is wearing a mask, that they have only 2 deaths and “no growth in daily new covid-19 cases”.

Alas, most of that is not true. According to their official government data site for the Covid-19 disease, as of March 25, there are six deaths and the growth in new cases is rising sharply. The text in this screen capture, was translated using Google Translate.

Apparently no one, or nearly no one, bothered to gather data from a reputable source. The item was shared widely on Twitter and then cross-posted to the official Reddit coronavirus forum – where everyone is now using this tweet’s untrue claims as the basis for why we all must be wearing masks. Perhaps we should be wearing face masks, but this social media post provides no evidence in support – in fact, if the claim of everyone wearing masks is true, then it tends to support the idea that wearing masks is not being helpful.

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