I deleted almost all of my Covid-19 related blog posts

I deleted almost all of my Covid-19 related blog posts

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On one of my other blogs, I posted many items about Covid-19, including hopeful news reports, observations of data, and inconsistencies and questions. As a “non-expert” asking questions or making observations, I was committing thought crimes. Consequently, I have removed all of those posts from public view. I have also removed about a dozen posts on this blog having to do with the propaganda messaging techniques used in regards to Covid-19.

More on that at the link… and how merely asking the wrong question about Covid-19 becomes a thought crime.

Source: I will be making all of my covid-19 posts private very soon | Coldstreams Business and Tech

Unfortunately, we have entered a world – even in the United States – where to ask an unapproved question not in line with public messaging is to commit a thought crime. I fear that after this is over with, we will find ourselves in a world of speech controls (exerted especially by social media platforms), denigration of anyone not “on-the-bandwagon” and far more surveillance.

Regarding the latter, airlines are discussing mandated health questionnaires, mandated Covid-19 testing before flights and more. Retail stores are considering using thermal imaging cameras to judge if someone entering the store is “too hot”. Police have discussed using drones to survey crowds, saying they now have the technology to measure temperature, respiratory rate and heart rate from 190 feet away. Cellular phones are proposed as a way to track everyone to determine if they may have been nearby to someone later determined to have Covid-19. Facebook already uses AI to scan online posts to evaluate the poster’s mental health.

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