Minnesota State Patrol official propaganda account

Minnesota State Patrol official propaganda account

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Why is Minnesota a cesspit of state sponsored racism and murder?

Official tweet from the Minnesota State Patrol after arresting a black CNN news reporter during a live broadcast concerning protests about the police murder of George Floyd is an outrageous propaganda lie:

Ava DuVernay is an accomplished motion picture Director.

This was live on CNN and CNN International, seen all over the world, as it happened.

Far too many police officers and their departments are terrible. How can we, as citizens, know when we are dealing with ethical police or just garbage?

We cannot know what we are dealing with and consequently, should not interact with police unless a video camera is going at all times.

I once bought a home from a police officer whose husband outrageously had lied about nearly everything concerning the home – and we fell for it, as much of his incompetent improvements were dangerous electrical wiring and leaking plumbing and floor underlayment that were not visible for verification. Two separate attorneys advised us not to sue since the husband had filed bankruptcy previously and would likely do so again – we would readily win the case, they said, but ultimately receive no pay out for the many thousands of dollars in damages we endured. It would not be worth the time and stress to pursue the very legitimate case.

While we looked at the home, she even stopped by in uniform, in her patrol car. Which in retrospect seemed like an an attempt to make them look like upstanding citizens.

As a consequence, I now get thrown off of jury pools involving criminal cases when they ask about past police interactions. The police have destroyed their own credibility and have no one to blame but themselves. And that is my propaganda message.

And then there is this lunacy – the U.S. has no credibility itself complaining to China about the government’s response to protests in Hong Kong when the U.S. President threatens to have the U.S. military forces start shooting U.S. citizens:


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