Journalism: I don’t think that word means what you think it means

Journalism: I don’t think that word means what you think it means

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“27 police officers injured during largely peaceful” protests … interesting way of pairing injuries and peaceful …


Similar to the MSNBC reporter saying protests are not unruly, as he stands in front of a large building burning behind him.

Words traditionally have meanings. Not any more.

This post is not about the protests, the purpose of the protests, whether the protests are peaceful or not peaceful, or whether the protests are right or wrong. This post is about the creative way that journalists seem to make things up.

As someone who has personally suffered one moderate traumatic brain injury/skull fracture and 5 “mild” traumatic brain injuries, this video clip made me nauseous and sick.

Multiple news reports say projectiles had been thrown at the horse. Social media instaexperts insist this is a lie, all of the media is in on the lie, and she deliberately rode her mount into a pole.

Social media is, of course, an authoritative source of information. Note that social media instaexpert Hasan Patel does not have the sex of the rider correct. Unless the media is lying about that too, of course.

Twitter is a cesspool of misinformation and garbage. The world would be a better place without Twitter.

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