BS alert: “‘Ring of fire’ eclipse could be sign of apocalypse”

BS alert: “‘Ring of fire’ eclipse could be sign of apocalypse”

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Hmmm, just like the annular “ring of fire” eclipse I witnessed in Northern California on May 20, 2012, after which the end of the earth occurred? Okay, so this one is on the summer solstice – because physics – and nothing else but whatever.

The year’s first solar eclipse – with a ‘ring of fire’ this Sunday – will be the ‘deepest’ one this century and coincides with the summer solstice, fueling doomsday believers’ fears the end is nigh

Source: ‘Ring of fire’ eclipse could be sign of apocalypse sending ‘darkness over the Holy Land’ – Daily Star

Stupid headline intended to strike fear into people. It’s based on conspiracy theories and numerology which seeks to find patterns in randomness – because not only does this event occur on the summer solstice, another one happens on July 4th, which is Independence Day in the U.S., therefore, this all means something – and that could only be SCARY – never anything good. In the end, its finding meaningless patterns in randomness.

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