Twitter hack is threat to all humanity

Twitter hack is threat to all humanity

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The hack in to Twitter’s administrative tools, enabling a hacker to take over their entire infrastructure shows that Twitter must never be trusted.

Politicians fear: Lawmakers are very upset about this week’s massive Twitter breach

Unlike issues like guns or health care, this is an easy target for them to legislate – and expect some hard nosed legislation on social media after this.

I had 4 Twitter accounts and have just deleted two of them. I will likely retain one that I occasionally use to post about software development topics – but even that is questionable. The other is still online but I have deleted all content and removed all likes.

Screen snapshots of Twitter’s internal administrative tool also revealed that the company can manually shadow ban user’s tweets if Twitter’s CEO and staff do not like what you have to say. See “Trends Blacklist” and “Search Blacklist”. Twitter is garbage and the company has lied about not manually engaging in shadow bans. The result of this is that Twitter is likely to experience heavy handed – and at this point easily justified – Federal regulation.

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