Social media-based health “misinformation” said to be seen by “billions”

Social media-based health “misinformation” said to be seen by “billions”

I wonder if they counted the inconsistent, contradictory and often incoherent messaging from public health experts on Covid-19 too?

(Reuters) – Misleading health content has racked up an estimated 3.8 billion views on Facebook Inc (FB.O) over the past year, peaking during the COVID-19 pandemic, advocacy group Avaaz said in a new report here on Wednesday.

Source: On Facebook, health-misinformation ‘superspreaders’ rack up billions of views: report – Reuters

Facebook is a frictionless platform for the sharing and spread of propaganda messaging. There really isn’t anything that can be done about the supply side – I think the best we can do is educate consumers in how to interpret information received on social media. That is, learn to be very skeptical – and only share information that you created, or which was created by someone that you know personally.

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