We are being horribly manipulated by the media

We are being horribly manipulated by the media

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In my county, since March, there have been 700+ diagnosed with Covid-19, and 12 deaths.

Every single day the media has a front page or headline story on the daily body count and the number of new cases.

Yet since March, there have been far more deaths due to vehicle accidents than Covid-19. We do not see a daily listing of vehicle accidents, however.

Nor do we see that when the count was 10 deaths, that 8 of the 10 deaths were of patients who were hospice care in-patients before they contracted Covid-19. Think about that for a few seconds.

Depending on the day, the odds of being diagnosed with covid-19 range from about the same as being in a vehicle crash to up to 2 to 3 x greater than being in a vehicle crash (for my state only – your state likely has very different odds). Since the odds of a crash are themselves low, 2 or 3x greater odds are still low as well.

On any day, the odds of being hospitalized, here, for Covid-19 are about 1/8th the odds of being hospitalized for an injury traffic accident.

Do you spend your days in fear of being injured in a traffic accident today? Probably not.

The average number of deaths due to Covid-19 in my state, since March, are less than 3 per day. In a state that historically averages 105 deaths per day.

Right now, the odds of dying of Covid-19 are about 2x the (very low) odds of dying in traffic accident today; and if you are under age 70, your odds of dying in a traffic accident are about 2x greater (up to many 10x greater as you get younger) than dying of Covid-19.

Our state’s public health agency recently issued a statement that we crossed a sad milestone of 500 total deaths due to Covid-19 and they extended their deepest sympathies to the families of those affected. But what about the families of the roughly 18,000 others who have died since March?

Do you see how the media’s non-stop saturation coverage is skewing your perspective and thinking?

People are running around terrified – literally terrified – that SARS-CoV-2 is lurking behind every tree and bush ready to pounce on them – while thinking nothing of driving down a dangerous highway whose accident rate poses a far greater risk.

The media – and public health officials acting like quacks – are manipulating your thinking.

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