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It’s Syndrome, not System, and he is an immunologist, not an epidemiologist. An immunologist typically treats patients while an epidemiologist does not typically treat patients.

“With the combination of a good vaccine along with public-health measures, we may be able to put this coronavirus outbreak behind us the way we put the original SARS behind us and, hopefully, in the way we put MERS, or the Middle East Respiratory System, behind us,” the veteran epidemiologist said. “I think we can do it with the combination of a vaccine and good public-health measures.”


As of Saturday, COVID-19 had infected 30,579,108 people worldwide, a number that mostly does not account for asymptomatic cases, and killed at least 953,318 people. The U.S. still has the world’s highest number of cases (30,579,108), followed by India (5,308,014), Brazil (4,495,183) and Russia (1,092,915), according to data aggregated by Johns Hopkins University.

Source: Dr. Fauci: ‘We may be able to put this coronavirus outbreak behind us’ — but he says Americans must play a critical role – MarketWatch

Wow – 30,579,108 world wide and 30,579,108 just in the U.S. Apparently this disease only exists in the U.S. Amazing.

Other than having most of the facts wrong, great journalism, eh?

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