Modern News: “Juicy narratives”,”terrifying yarn”

Modern News: “Juicy narratives”,”terrifying yarn”

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When the emphasis is on “storytelling” and “juicy narratives” instead of “reporting” you get fake news:

Ms. Callimachi’s approach to storytelling aligned with a more profound shift underway at The Times. The paper is in the midst of an evolution from the stodgy paper of record into a juicy collection of great narratives, on the web and streaming services.


But the terror beat lends itself particularly well to the seductions of narrative journalism. Reporters looking for a terrifying yarn will find terrorist sources eager to help terrify. And journalists often find themselves relying on murderous and untrustworthy sources in situations where the facts are ambiguous. If you get something wrong, you probably won’t get a call from the ISIS press office seeking a correction.

Source: An Arrest in Canada Casts a Shadow on a New York Times Star, and The Times – The New York Times

In the end, the NY Times was “was listening too hard for the story it wanted to hear”

But while some of the coverage has portrayed her as a kind of rogue actor at The Times, my reporting suggests that she was delivering what the senior-most leaders of the news organization asked for, with their support.

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