Unlocked UK episode – Mike Yeadon – Banned on YT

Unlocked UK episode – Mike Yeadon – Banned on YT

I saw this copy of the deleted Youtube video via a link on Twitter. Clicking on the Twitter link presents this:

Obviously, Twitter is also attempting to censor access to Dr Yeadon’s views. As mentioned below, he is a well regarded researcher in immunology and other areas of related science, and is formerly VP and Chief Science Officer for Pfizer. He believes that current restrictions are inappropriate and explains why at the video  (linked here via an alternate web site).

Mike Yeadon discusses the bad science SAGE is using to justify Government response to Covid in UK in a calm and reasonable manner. He is obviously then banned from youtube.

Source: Unlocked UK episode – Mike Yeadon – Banned on YT – Pandemic Covid-19 Junk Science

Social media is now, officially, a menace to society. It’s harms now exceed its benefits as Dorsey and Zuckerburg now control most public thought and opinion. Both companies need to be regulated or split up – never thought I’d say that but they are now themselves acting as propagandists.

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