Youtube confirms it is a propaganda platform – for their own propaganda

Youtube confirms it is a propaganda platform – for their own propaganda

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Rather than mention the U.S. tradition of Thanksgiving (or mention that the use of turkey was a marketing promotion by poultry growers), Youtube creates this out of thin air, celebrating a fictitious Unthanksgiving.

From the comments to that post, numerous native Americans objected to this claim. Here is just one example:

I previously worked as a business consultant to a native American tribe – and find the description above to reflect the attitudes and behavior of those with whom I worked. Kind, considerate, and wanting to create a better future for all. Indeed, a community education program we were developing for their tribe was very much open to all residents – both tribal members and not – because they sincerely wanted everyone to be successful.

I also worked side by side with several colleagues over the years who were also native American. I loved working with them and they taught me much and I am grateful for their insights.

From the perspective of this blog, Google/Youtube is, ironically, acting like a colonizing force that is telling native Americans what to think. Google/Youtube staff are so blinded by their own ideologies that they are unable to see what they are doing – nor recognizing that they are confirming that Youtube social media is primarily a propaganda platform, intended to be used to persuade you to adopt someone else’s agenda. Or in this case, the agenda of some individuals at Google/Youtube.

And bizarrely, whereas Youtube warns us about the taking of lands, it does so just days after it announces it will begin running advertising on everyone’s videos, without paying them – in other words, its okay for Youtube to take property of others.

The social media titans need to be reigned in – their platforms ooze with slime, and some posts like the above, come from their own entitled sense of self importance, while censoring views they do not like. Youtube, Twitter and Facebook are all propagandists – not just propaganda platforms – but are now actively engaged in corporate propaganda.

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